Andrew Francis
Currently an IT Admin, but pursuing a second degree and a new career path in media. Expect to see new animations, voice clips, writing, illustrations as I build a portfolio.

Creativity through insight - nothing is more satisfying than bringing something to life. But it only becomes real in the hands, eyes and ears of others. That is where my passions lie. I create by incorporating aspects of voice, writing, illustration and other forms of design. That passion is married to enthusiasm for emerging technologies and how to immerse the audience. Being born in '86 gave me a unique perspective on modern technology. I grew up as it did and watched it take form. As a result I can find common ground with those from other generations and act as a bridge. Seeing innovation take hold through new form factors or technologies is exciting.

Chained Sky
Chained Sky is a multimedia project, incorporating its whimsical world and its stories, in multiple formats. These include traditional card and board games, books, short stories, poetry, setting and character design through both 2D and 3D media. It is the setting and the story of I. He grew, branched out and his ideas took root. They sprouted, shaped themselves and lived. Although they were nonsense, he lived for them. He dreamed for them and watched them chase his. "No matter how many times I fall, I will touch the Sky."

The message is this: You are your own world story. You, the chapters of your life, and each of us is an actor in it. It would be an honor, for my story, to be a part of yours. 

Don't hesitate to reach out!